Why Choose Wildcrafted Organic Skincare Products Annmarie Gianni by Annie Fairfax Natural Clean Beauty

Why Choose Wildcrafted, Organic Skincare Products

On my quest to find the cleanest, purest, closest-to-nature skincare products, I fell down a rabbit hole of ingredients banned in the European Union but not in the states and the harmful side effects these things have on the body. When I completed my thesis on toxicology (phthalates and impacts on the reproductive system if you ever want me to forward you my paper), what I learned made enough of an impact on me that I binned my skincare products with questionable ingredients and replaced everything I put on my body with gentler, safer, cleaner versions. That’s why I’ve learned to embrace wildcrafted skincare products. When something is wildcrafted, it’s harvested responsibly from nature. In the case of one of my favorite skincare brands, Annmarie Gianni, their products are also organic (grown without pesticides or artificial ingredients). Why choose wildcrafted skincare products? It’s simple; some of what we put onto our skin ends up in our bloodstream, and by choosing wildcrafted, organic skincare, I limit my exposure to potentially harmful ingredients.

Additionally, I have very sensitive skin. I have no idea why, but drugstore-brand products are worthless to me and cause me to break out in hives. Most shampoos, body washes, cosmetics, and moisturizers make my skin sting, itchy, or even become red and bumpy unless they’re organic and made with very few ingredients, so I have to be extremely careful what I put on my body. I’ve found that very few brands work well for my sensitive skin. Still, some are gentle and effective, including Annmarie GianniTata HarperThe Organic Skin Co., Kjaer Weis, Innersense, Ursa Major, and RMS, to name a few.

When it comes to wildcrafted skincare products, no one does it better than Annmarie Gianni. I love that they have a sustainability report. Their radical transparency covers everything from their packaging and skincare ingredients to the legislation they support, like the Cosmetic Safety for Communities of Color and Professional Salon Workers Act of 2021 & Toxic-Free Beauty Act of 2021. I think it’s so important to vote with our money and support women-owned brands that educate, empower, and protect vulnerable populations while working towards a more sustainable future for everyone. Plus, the brand also makes regular donations to similar organizations so that the world of beauty can continue to improve and become safer for us all.

Why Choose Wildcrafted Organic Skincare Products Annmarie Gianni by Annie Fairfax Natural Clean Beauty

Annmarie’s skincare products are handcrafted from organic, wildcrafted ingredients grown with little to no fertilizers, pesticides, or toxic practices. Even though some of this is allowed by organic farming standards, their products are still made with the most minimally managed ingredients, ensuring they’re as wild and close to nature as possible. I love how their website explains this: “If you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t be putting it on your skin. We don’t use any alcohol or toxic chemicals, harsh preservatives, or synthetic fragrances in our products. Our skin deserves pure ingredients from clean and pristine sources.” – I couldn’t agree more!

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Sustainability is at the heart of their work, and it’s a defining characteristic of the wildcrafted skincare movement. It’s so important to remember that we don’t exist separately from nature – we’re a part of it. That’s why where the ingredients are grown and harvested matters, and that’s why growing only what’s needed is a cornerstone of what they do.

Why Choose Wildcrafted Organic Skincare Products Annmarie Gianni by Annie Fairfax Natural Clean Beauty

Annmarie Gianni’s commitment to sustainability, ethical consumerism, responsible stewardship of the land, and ensuring consumers have access to pure, active ingredients that help people like me with sensitive skin achieve their desired results is one of the many reasons I’ll be an Annmarie skincare customer for life. I can feel great about what I’m putting on my skin and know that it will work better than other brands with harsh chemicals, mysterious fragrances, or irritating additives.

Why Choose Wildcrafted Organic Skincare Products Annmarie Gianni by Annie Fairfax Natural Clean Beauty

Check out their website to learn more and shop their entire line of wildcrafted, organic skincare products, perfect for those with sensitive skin or those who are conscientious of what they put on their skin.

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Why Choose Wildcrafted Organic Skincare Products Annmarie Gianni by Annie Fairfax Natural Clean Beauty

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