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Where I’m Heading Next: Iceland, Paris, NYC, Los Angeles and Beyond

As a child, I used to look forward to the one or two episodes each week of TV my parents would let me watch. I’d always choose something either on the National Geographic Channel or the Discovery Channel, because I loved seeing what other places looked like compared to my little lakeside town in northern Michigan. Growing up, I took classes in Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and Italian, because I wanted to be able to speak to people in their own language (or at the very least read the signs and menus) when I travel to their countries, and I knew that I didn’t ever want a language to be a barrier that would prevent me from traveling. Now that I’m older, I’ve had the opportunity to walk through the ruins of the Colosseum in Rome, I’ve danced across canals in Venice, climbed mountains in the Black Forest of Germany, I’ve seen the sun rise over Greenland, stomped grapes in France, and gazed up at the stars from atop ancient temples in Central and South America. I’m truly thankful that my career has allowed me to begin exploring the world like I’ve always dreamed of doing!

I’m going to be traveling for a majority of the coming months, and I’d love your recommendations on where to eat, what to do, and what to see for these areas!:


Indianapolis, Indiana
Mackinac Island, Michigan
New York City
New York Fashion Week


Beverly Hills, California
West Hollywood, California
Laguna Beach, California
Los Angeles, California
Irvine, California
Anaheim, California
Disneyland California

Next year we are planning to renew our wedding vows in Scotland and England for our fifth wedding anniversary!  Hopefully life will finally lead me to Asia where I’d love to explore Japan, Thailand, China, and South Korea, and I’ll be able to share these incredible places with all of you. It’s my goal to eventually visit all 7 continents, and being a travel writer and photographer is helping me to take small steps every day towards making my dreams come true! If you could travel anywhere in the world, where you like to visit?

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  1. Jessica Malinowski says:

    So many places to travel in just a few months!