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Tuckernuck Group Insights & Tips

If you’re not already a member of my Tuckernuck BST group on Facebook, you should be! It’s a place to buy, sell, and trade (BST) any brand sold by TNuck. Plus, members give and receive awesome style feedback, gifting ideas, sales insights, and so much more. Lately, I’ve received a few questions about the best times to post, how to have your posts seen by more members, and what types of posts are most popular, so here’s the 411! I hope these Tuckernuck group insights & tips help your BST dreams come true.

Busiest Days
(30 Day Average)

Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday are the most active times in the group. This means that more members are online to see and interact with (or shop) your posts! That isn’t to say the group isn’t active on other days of the week. This is just when they’ve been most active. Interestingly, this shifts almost every 30 days. Back in July, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were by far the busiest times, with virtually no one online over the weekend. In colder weather, it seems far more evenly spread out.

Busiest Days within Tuckernuck Facebook Group by Annie Fairfax

Most Active Times by Day
(30 Day Average)

These times are arranged in order of “business” based on surge times (aka times when many people are actively using and looking at the group).

Monday: 9 am & 7 pm
Tuesday: 8 pm (50% of daily traffic), 8 & 9 am, noon, 6 & 7 pm
Wednesday: 8 am & Noon
Thursday: 9 am & 5 pm
*Friday: 8 & 9 am (*most consistently busy throughout the day, but fewer users on average)
Saturday: 3 pm
Sunday: 4-6 pm

Tuckernuck Group Data Specifics by Annie Fairfax

Other Group Stats
(30 Day Average)

Total Active Members: 17,506 in the last 30 days (out of roughly 21,000 members)

Frequent Members: 14,903 members check the group at least four times per week!

Total Posts: 2,107  (~70.2 posts per day)
[1% more than the previous 30 days)

Total Comments: 17,366  (~578.9 per day)
[Increased 60% in the last seven days]

Total Reactions: 3,315 (~110.5 per day)
[Increased 40% in last seven days]

Barbiecore Outfit Pink Dress Velvet by Spencer and Graham Saint Laurent Neon Pink Sunglasses, Julie Vos Bracelets, Palm Beach Sandals Gold Worn by Annie Fairfax in San Diego California Luxury Travel and Lifestyle Writer and Photographer

Top Performing Posts

What type of post performs best? Here’s what’s worked best for the last 30 days within the group with specific, actionable tips you can integrate into your own posts to get more interactions. This data is based on posts with the most interactions (comments & reactions) within the last 30 days.)

  1. Clean out posts with specific size(s), brands (remember: only brands sold by Tuckernuck are allowed within the group), and who promptly added their items to the post saw the most interactions. Neat, well-lit photos with the pieces you’ll be selling performed well too, and helped drum up interest and excitement.
    – Iron or steam clothes before posting. Posts with neat-looking clothing saw 5x engagement of photos without this!
    – List any flaws in your garments and price accordingly
    – State how soon you’ll ship and stick to it. Posts with shipping timeframes (e.g., “Ships next day”) did very well compared to those who kept it vague
    – Follow all group rules so your posts won’t be removed.
  2. Specific ISOs 
    In search of (ISO) posts that specified what type of garment, size(s), color/print, or style performed well because people were more likely to make a sale, ergo more likely to take the time to list their for sale pieces if they knew what the OP (original poster) was looking for.
    Remember: All items posted in response to ISO posts MUST be brands sold by TNuck, or they will be removed. Not sure which brands TNuck sells? Check here.
  3.  Specific Questions
    Detailed, specific questions performed well and struck up quite a bit of engagement. Some of the top-performing non-sales posts asked for gift advice, fit advice, style advice, and more. This goes to show how wonderful our community is!

Most Popular Brands (Last 30 Days)
Aka if you have these and want to sell, now might be a great time to clean them out!

Canada Goose
Emerson Fry
Farm Rio
Juliet Dunn
Pomander Place

Clara the Label Cleo Dress in Vineyard by Annie Fairfax in San Diego, California, by Luxury Travel Writer and Photographer Annie Fairfax San Diego Hat Company Julie Vos Palm Beach Sandals

Get Involved & Increase Your Posts’ Distribution!
Aka: Like/Comment/Post more to have your posts seen more!

Facebook’s algorithm gives each member points for participating in the group and ranks them. Those with higher scores get a bit of a boost to their posts. So, the more you interact (like/comment/post) within the group, the more your posts will be seen.

On the flip side, if you don’t have time to invest in posting and interacting, don’t despair. Facebook will still show other group members your posts. It just might take a little longer to see engagement.

Other Quick Facts

The group’s posts are sorted by “Newest,” so you’ll always see the freshest content in the group. Scroll back to see older posts, or use the search function to find something more specific.

Comments are sorted by “Show All,” so everything you’ve listed will be fully displayed to help you maximize sales.

Post approvals are OFF. So, post away, but be sure your posts align with the group rules, or you may have to submit your posts for approval. While you can post as often as you’d like, I’d recommend posting multiple items in one cleanout post, so your target audience can bundle items together and see what else you have for sale instead of searching.

I check the group at least twice daily to reply to questions and comments and help users with questions about their purchases, shipping, etc. If you need to contact me (the admin), tag me in posts and send me a message. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Need to review the group’s rules? Find them here! Not sure which brands TNuck sells? Check here before you post.

Wondering how many people have seen your post? Tag me and ask; I can pull data on how many have viewed it. I’m always happy to help!

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