Summer Essentials Volume 5 by Annie Fairfax Cult Gaia Vita Kins Louis Vuitton Everlane J Crew Julie Vos Diptyque and More Warm Weather Womens Fashion

Summer Essentials Volume 5

High summer generally means I wear a lot of white pieces, and lots of breezy, gauzy linen pieces to beat the heat. It’s generally warmer here in Connecticut than it would be if we still lived in Michigan, so being cool and staying safe in the sun is more important to me than ever before. I hope Summer Essentials Volume 5 inspires you to pick out some new favorite pieces for warm weather, or to revisit some of your wardrobe favorites, and get out to enjoy the sunshine!

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Summer Essentials Volume 5

Summer is the perfect time to break out your favorite linen pieces, and other lightweight fabrics. I love linen because it’s so easy to wear, it softens over time, it never goes out of style and it’s easy to clean, which means it’s the perfect companion for summertime adventures. Investing in a quality linen piece that you love now means you’ll have it for years and years to come.

Some of my linen favorite pieces from this summer include this embroidered linen dress, this ruffle top, this striped robe, this lightweight PJ set, and this button up dress.

At the very top of my summertime wishlist is this breathtaking tie-shoulder embroidered linen dress, which is what I would have worn if we had been able to go to Europe this summer as we’d planned. Isn’t this such a beautiful piece of clothing? I just love everything about it!

Another outfit I’m loving this summer is this beautiful 2 piece linen play set, which has endless ways to dress it up or dress it down, and it could even be mixed and matched with other pieces for fresh looks.  This is what I mean when I say quality linen pieces that fit well are one of the best wardrobe investments you can make, they’re not only versatile, they’re classic wardrobe staples that you can hand down to your family decades after you purchased it.

Clean Beauty

My clean beauty favorites haven’t changed over the past year, because these are my tried and true favorites. This eye pencil, this body scrub, this moisturizer, this undereye cream, this clean nail polish brand, and this bath bomb have been my countertop constants for more than a year and I’m not looking for replacements because they’re exactly what I want in every way when it comes to personal care items, so expect to keep seeing these.

As a devoted Diptyque fan, I love switching out my perfumes throughout the summer, and this Olene fragrance is one of my current favorites. You can explore more of my Diptyque archives, here.

Handbags, Accessories & Travel

This modern version of the vintage basket bag I picked up in Japan is such a gorgeous basket bag that if I didn’t already own a nearly identical bag I would have ordered one the moment I laid eyes upon it. Speaking of woven items, this hat is handmade and one of the nicest hats I’ve ever seen. If you’re in the market for a hat that will last a lifetime and beyond, this is the hat you should snag.

Another item high upon my wishlist is this gorgeous duffle bag, which would perfectly coordinate with my Steamline Luggage. I like to pack an empty duffle bag in my suitcase when I travel so I can fill it with gifts and other souvenirs for my loved ones, and this would be perfect for doing so. It would also be the perfect weekend bag as well!

One of my favorite sustainable clothing brands, Everlane, made these comfortable flats (I wore the white pair here) that aren’t only good for your feet, they’re good for the planet. Plus, right now they’re also good for your wallet because they’re 60% off in Everlane’s summer sale! I also love these cute Birkenstock sandals, which would pair well with practically anything in the summertime.

One of my new favorite acquisitions is my agenda which is a bit bigger than this one. I’ll be sharing a tutorial about how to set up soon. I’d love to get mine heat stamped someday, but I’m having a hardtime deciding what I should have it marked with. Would you go for a classic monogram, bold, colorful stripes across the cover of the agenda, both, or something else? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!


Something about summer makes me want to wear more jewelry than any other time of year. I love this celestial motif hair pin, this classic monogram ring, and these elegant earrings. They’re such universal pieces that can each be worn a 100 ways, and as you know versatility is something I demand from my wardrobe.

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Summer Essentials Volume 5 by Annie Fairfax Cult Gaia Vita Kins Louis Vuitton Everlane J Crew Julie Vos Diptyque and More Warm Weather Womens Fashion

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