Spring Essentials Volume 8 by Annie Fairfax featuring the Best Spring Styles from Pamela Munson, Juliet Dunn, Senreve, Cult Gaia, Lilly Pulitzer, Eugenia Kim, Athletic Propulsion Labs, Barbour, Carrie Forbes, and More in a Soft Pink Feminine Color Palette Aesthetic

Spring Style Essentials Volume 8

Spring is my favorite season because we finally get relief from the cold gloom of winter as the trees start pushing out leaves, the days get longer, songbirds return, and flowers begin springing up all over. I love to reflect the natural colors around me in my wardrobe this time of year, so I break out my pastels, pops of bold colors, and seasonal staples like cream shoes, basket bags, and skincare products in a spring color palette crafted with in-season botanicals. Here are my Spring Style Essentials Volume 8 for spring 2021. I hope these inspire you to pick out something from your own wardrobe to celebrate this beautiful season.

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Spring Style Essentials Volume 8

I really love pastel pinks right now, and of course, timeless pink ginghams. I just ordered this Juliet Dunn tie shoulder dress in this beautiful pink and green color palette, and it arrived from London in a single day. This block print also came in cotton shorts, a cap sleeve shirt dress, and a standard shirt dress. If you shop at Matches Fashion, you’ll save on import fees, taxes, and duty charges; plus, by using this referral link, you can get 15% off your first order, along with free shipping. I ended up getting this for $150 cheaper than anywhere else I could find this dress, so of course, I’ll be taking it with me on my upcoming road trip!

This gingham bikini top and bottom set from Solid & Striped has been calling my name. I don’t generally wear bikinis, but I would make an exception for this one! Plus, the color perfectly matches this waffle texture wrap towel I’m obsessed with. It’s feminine and cozy after a warm bath. I can’t wait to use it at the beach this summer. I’ve also been eyeing this pink Barbour jacket. I have it in black for warmer winter days, but this pink is so versatile I could wear it all year long.

If you know me, you know I love Lilly Pulitzer and have for most of my life. I think this eyelet maxi dress is one of the prettiest, most flattering, and versatile styles they’ve ever created, and I’m so excited to wear this on our road trip too. I wish this style would have existed for our bridal shower and rehearsal events because it’s so perfect for a bride, or new graduates, or just anyone who loves a crisp, timeless white dress. I’m sure you’ll see this a few times over the spring and summer!


I’ve been obsessed with Pamela Munson’s gorgeous, innovative basket bag designs for a few years now, and this pink basket bag is one of my all-time favorite designs. If you’re looking for a woman-owned business to support, Pamela Munson’s hats & handbags are not only some of the prettiest and most unique basket bag designs on the market. She herself is a complete sweetheart from the few times we’ve interacted. What’s not to love about that? Explore more of her hats and handbags here.

My other go-to brand for unique basket bags has been Cult Gaia for the last few years. I love this round basket bag, which is unlike anything else I’ve seen on the market.

I’ve had this Senreve Crossbody in Pebbled Cream on my wishlist for ages, and I finally picked one up for our upcoming visit to Charleston. I’m so excited to style it a few different ways because it’s not only versatile. It can be used as a crossbody bag, a wristlet, a clutch, and a few more ways. Keep an eye out for how I style this bag designed by leather bag geniuses Coral Chung & Wendy Wen.
Want $50 off your next Senreve purchase? Click here, and we both get $50 towards our next Senreve bag!

I’m a shoe lover through and through, and I think neutral, naturally textured shoes made of raffia, cotton, linen, and straw are the most versatile and timeless shoes I own. They can be worn from beach to brunch and throughout the day to dinner, dancing, and beyond, in New York City, London, or Los Angeles without missing a beat, and I think that’s why I own so many different styles. I think my favorites are these espadrilles and these Carrie Forbes woven raffia wedges. I also love my ever-growing APL: Athletic Propulsion Labs collection for super comfortable, easily washable, and durable tennis shoes, and this sakura pink color immediately caught my eye and made its way to the top of my wishlist.

This hat by Eugenia Kim has a huge satin bow affixed to it and a very classic shape, which perfectly coordinates with everything else in Spring Style Essentials Volume 8. Isn’t this the prettiest color for spring?

Clean Beauty

I’ve switched from plastic tube lip balm to paper tube lip balm, and I’m never looking back. This balm by Blue Heron Botanicals is one of my favorites! This exfoliating potion from Herbivore Botanicals helps unclog pores, brighten skin, and promote cellular turnover, which is perfect for working to shed dead skin cells and prep skin for spring and summer. I love popping these under-eye patches, which are rose-scented, into the refrigerator in the morning and using them at the end of the day before bed to help reduce puffiness under my eyes. They work wonders when I’m tired after a long day!

I’ve used Gua Sha, which are traditional Chinese self-care tools and techniques (gua sha comes from a word that means “scraping” in Chinese, I believe), for a few years. They do wonders to alleviate facial tension and swelling, and they’re one of the only things I can use to alleviate my frequent migraines. I’m by no means an expert in traditional Chinese skincare like this, so I recommend doing research and reading about it from authentic practitioners. I recommend learning the history of this practice – it’s so fascinating! I love this one that’s shaped like a butterfly for use along my jawline and cheekbones specifically.

This Toca fragrance is perfect for springtime. This scalp pack is awesome for moisturizing the scalp and roots of the hair for more volume and shine without dryness. My favorite lip & cheek stain from RMS Beauty is perfect for an early spring glow. I’ve used this Kjaer Weiss tubing mascara, which has a refillable tube, for about a year, and it’s my favorite mascara I’ve ever used (which is why I always include it in these essential posts and Spring Style Essentials Volume 8!).


My absolute favorite luggage comes from Steamline Luggage, and my favorite styles are tied with the Correspondent (shown here) and the Sweetheart collection. I never take a trip without them. Whether I’m going on a month-long road trip or a quick overnight visit nearby, my Steamline Luggage is my constant travel companion. I’ve never received as many compliments on something travel-related as I have this luggage, and this pink set has the most beautiful contrasting blue and white striped interior that makes packing, even if it’s last minute, so much fun!

This reusable glass water bottle by Soma frequently appears in my IG stories when I go on adventures. It’s made of eco-friendly glass and bamboo, it looks so pretty, and it helps me stay hydrated when hiking, biking, walking or exploring a new city.

How pretty is this eye mask? I’m a very light sleeper, so I have to have my eyes and ears covered whenever I travel. Plus, I use a white noise sound machine to drown out any city noise or sounds from somewhere unfamiliar. This is my secret to beating jet lag and working long hours – sleeping excellently!

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Spring Essentials Volume 8 by Annie Fairfax featuring the Best Spring Styles from Pamela Munson, Juliet Dunn, Senreve, Cult Gaia, Lilly Pulitzer, Eugenia Kim, Athletic Propulsion Labs, Barbour, Carrie Forbes, and More in a Soft Pink Feminine Color Palette Aesthetic

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