Peacocks at the Detroit Zoo

It would be impossible for me to live the life that I lead and not love wildlife. I grew up in northern Michigan (right on Lake Michigan), where being outdoors, being on the water, and respecting nature were a part of my everyday existence. As an adult, I decided to become vegan for environmental and ethical reasons, and I elected to study Earth Sciences & Environmental Sciences in college. It goes without saying that I love and respect nature, and having the opportunity to photograph some incredible creatures I wouldn’t be able to see otherwise at the Detroit Zoo, is part of the reason why I purchased a membership to the zoo. Recently, I photographed these beautiful peacocks at the Detroit Zoo, and I was amazed by how close to us they walked.
Side Note: Any photos of wildlife, fish, etc. I may post are taken from a respectful distance, without flash, and without disturbing the animals in any way.

The Detroit Zoo has lots of peacocks and peahens that walk freely about the zoo, and this one was perched comfortably outside the penguin exhibit!
The two silver rings around this peacock’s ankle make a jingling sound that alerts visitors that something small is on the move near them and their feet!
This particular peacocks seemed to really like my husband’s shoes and was circling him! We just stayed still and let it explore so as not to startle it.
img_1303img_1304 This gorgeous peahen was sitting in the grass off to the side near a golden eagle statue. Her coloring was stunning! I had never seen peacocks close up before, and my long range lens allowed me to “get closer” than ever before!

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  1. Jessica Malinowski says:

    Peacocks are such fascinating birds!