My Lilly Pulitzer Shorts Collection Pt 1

Lilly Pulitzer shorts are like miniature works of art. They’re made in several styles that work for just about any body type, and Lilly is always adding new styles to their lineup. I personally prefer buttercup shorts (shorts with an adorable 5″ scalloped hem), as well as callahans (straight cut shorts with a 5″ hem), but Lilly also offers beach shorts, athletic shorts, 10″ Bermuda shorts, and shorts of different fabrics like seersucker, eyelet, and even a few prints that glow in the dark! Lilly recently added velour lounge shorts, 4″ inseam PJ Shorts, Adie shorts with embroidered gold pineapples,  Their shorts are also some of the most affordable and wearable clothing items that Lilly Pulitzer sells, and the prices can be as low as $20 during sales, so they’re such a great way to grow your Lilly collection! I’ve been collecting Lilly shorts for a few years now and I’m up to nearly 45 pairs, which sounds crazy when you realize I live in Michigan and can only wear them 3-6 months out of the year, until you learn that I buy almost all of my shorts either on sale or on BST sites where I once scored 8 NWT pairs of shorts for only $50! You can shop some of my favorite current Lilly printed shorts below (affiliate links), and see more articles about my live for this vibrant and playful brand in other posts below!

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xAnnie Fairfax
aka @AnnieWearsIt

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  1. Love all your shorts. I only on a few but I love them all!

  2. I can’t wait to grow my collection like this! The lilly shorts are gorgeous!!!

  3. Love your collection! Beautiful

  4. Super envious of your collection. I have a few pairs but I’m hoping to expand before spring rolls around. I have a 3 year old son so I’m wearing less of my Lilly dresses and I’m realizing that her shorts may be the way to go for now

    1. I live in Michigan, so I don’t get to wear them for very long each year, but when it’s warm enough I will change my outfit sometimes 2 or 3 times a day haha. Idk if you already have some, but the Cala skorts (came in blue seersucker and pink “Get Crackin” print) are SUPER comfortable, and would be perfect for running around in!

  5. Kendra Koontz says:

    I’m in love with Lilly shorts! I only have about 4 pairs now but I’m definitely trying to expand my collection with every APS and any other good deals I find!

    1. Jessica Malinowski says:

      Waiting to shop the APS is a great idea!

  6. Jessica Malinowski says:

    I still need to start my collection of shorts!