Meet My Husband


Meet My Husband!

Read the Q&A about our relationship, here.

Here are a few more random photos of us!
The day he asked me to be his girlfriend!
The day he asked me to be his wife!
Practicing for the wedding the day before! (I was trying to hide from my friend taking pictures, excuse my Sméagol face haha)
Reading our vows!
Officially Mr. & Mrs.!
I have no idea why I was making that face on our wedding day, haha.

Left: Our nieces as our flower girls and our nephew as the unwilling ring bearer (yes, she was trying to climb under my dress, haha. She wanted to “wear a pretty dress too.”

Right:  Us at a friend’s wedding, wearing Lilly Pulitzer, of course. If we’ve ever taken a normal photo together, I haven’t seen it! ;D
In Windsor, Ontario, at an art museum! Turns out Canadian art is pretty much like American art, haha
One time, we were even evacuated from a Canadian Art Museum because of a fire…
At formal sit-down dinner when I lived at Martha Cook’s all-girls dormitory, where I lived at the University of Michigan. They had just told us that we had to wait longer for our meal and that they wouldn’t be serving asparagus that night 🙁 #scandalous


Dinner time at the Kerryman!
The Legend of Zelda Symphony Orchestra in Chicago, IL!
Professional Ramen eater – practicing for our trip to Japan
Dark ‘n Stormy Tie for the Detroit International Auto Show!
Celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary at the Gandy Dancer in Ann Arbor, MI, where they made us a custom menu, which we still have.
Universal Studios, Orlando, FL
Frederick Meijer Gardens: Grand Rapids, MI
He’s my best friend!
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Safe Travels!

xAnnie Fairfax
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  1. Becky (preponabudget) says:

    Never realized you were married! So cute that he supports your love of Lilly and wears it to! Absolutely love your wedding dress and the flower girl dresses!! ?

  2. Charlotte says:

    I didn’t know you were married! It makes since, cuz you’re so beautiful and talented :] I bet he loves that you take him along on all of you’re adventures!

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