Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park mySpa Luxury Spa Treatments

mySpa at Fairmont Hotel Chicago

Like any big city, Chicago has lots of options when it comes to spas, but very, very few spas anywhere in the world, let alone the city, are on the same level as Fairmont Hotel’s mySpa. Situated in an incredible location near Millennium Park, Fairmont’s mySpa was the perfect place to rest, relax, and indulge in an incredible relaxation ritual unlike anything else.

Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park mySpa Luxury Spa Treatments

Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park mySpa Luxury Spa Treatments

We began our services with a tour of the facilities by one of the spa’s staff, who showed us their state of the art locker rooms, complete with tiled rain showers, saunas, iced towels, massive sinks and vanities, as well as a relaxation room. She explained to us how the lockers work, provided us with towels and spa slippers, and we were invited to relax and enjoy snacks and refreshments while we awaited our massages.

Before our massages, we had arranged for the Candlelight Couple’s Suite Soak, which is part of the Candlelight Couple’s Massage and Suite Soak package. Our masseuses retrieved us from the waiting area, and had already prepared a splendid bath for us, which was the perfect temperature, and large enough that we could both lay down completely in it. My husband is 6’3″ and had plenty of room for me as well in this massive tub. Along the edge of the tub was an assortment of bath bombs, vanilla, champagne, and unscented for us to add to the bath at our leisure.

Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park mySpa Luxury Spa Treatments

From the ceiling, we could turn on an incredible water fall feature, that would rain down fresh cool, or warm water as we wanted, which also added to the tranquil ambience of the spa experience. We were surrounded by candles, flickering beautifully in the dim light of the couples massage suite, which had it’s own attached restroom, shower, and changing area. It was such a peaceful experience, and the warm water, jets, and waterfall helped soothe and prepare our sore muscles for the couples massage that followed immediately after our soak ended.

Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park mySpa Luxury Spa Treatments

Our massage tables were located in the same room as the massive soaking tub, so it was a quick trip to the attached showers to rinse off, and then we settled in for our massages. My masseuse, Misha, did an incredible job working out the tension I had in my neck and shoulders from holding my 4kg camera up to eye level, or over my head when filming and taking photos. It was over all too soon, but I left feeling so relaxed, rejuvenated, and like I could breathe a little easier with the knots in my shoulders worked out.

Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park mySpa Luxury Spa Treatments

We ended our visit by showering and getting ready for the rest of our day in the large locker rooms located within the spa. Everything was shades of light blue and crisp white, and there were lots of plants scattered around to help purify the air and beautify the space, which made it feel even more otherworldly, since the city of Chicago outside the spa’s sanctuary is mainly concrete and cement. It wouldn’t have taken much to convince me to stay for another treatment, like one of their signature facials, manicures, or a pedicure.

After our treatments, we headed down to Columbus Tap, the hotel’s incredible, elevated gastro pub, and enjoyed a wonderful meal before heading back home to Michigan. I can’t recommend a visit to mySpa enough, it was everything a spa should be – quiet and peaceful, tranquil, beautiful, and most importantly, staffed by some of the best spa staff and masseuses we’ve ever c
ome across.

Thank you so much to the Fairmont Hotel Chicago and mySpa for partnering with us on this post, we had an incredible time!

Safe Travels!

xAnnie Fairfax
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