Le SPA de l'hôtel Lotte at Lotte Hotel Seattle Grand Opening by Annie Fairfax Puget Sound Luxury Hotels

Le Spa de l’hôtel Lotte

I’ve explored spas all over North America, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia, and I know a good spa when I see it. Le Spa de l’hôtel Lotte in Seattle, inside Lotte Hotel Seattle, is one such excellent day spa, worthy of inclusion amongst other Luxury Spas of the World. Lotte Hotel Seattle scheduled the best facial I’ve ever had with their master esthetician named Patty Huang. She performed the 90 minute Perfect Customized Biologique Recherche Facial on me using a completely customized Biologique Recherche regimen, including ingredients hand mixed during the service, that addressed and corrected my skin’s intense need for more moisture, and helped balance my skin’s pH to reduce redness and under eye circles, helped correct the keratosis pilaris on the back of my arms, while also creating a more balanced skin appearance.

Le Spa de l’hôtel Lotte

Location: Seattle, Washington USA
Address: 809 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104
 Custom facials, couples massages, dermaplaning,
body wraps, cupping, aromatherapy, sugaring, waxing, and more
Price Range: $350 – $1,500+
Phone Number: +1-206-800-8110

The spa itself is a tranquil, ephemeral space that has an almost heavenly feel to it, which was so peaceful and uplifting. Many spas opt for a darker color scheme, use dim lights, and place an emphasis on being so relaxed that one nearly falls asleep, whereas Le SPA de l’hôtel Lotte was bright, airy, and helped me relax without making me feel sleepy, invigorating me for the day ahead. The couple’s treatment room, pictured below, has a relaxing walk-in shower with 16 rain shower spigots, for the ultimate bathing and relaxation ritual. Next time we are in Seattle, we absolutely want to book a couple’s treatment here.

Couple's Treatment Room at Le SPA de l'hôtel Lotte at Lotte Hotel Seattle Grand Opening by Annie Fairfax Puget Sound Luxury Hotels

Perfect Customized Biologique Recherche Facial is a European facial which involves deep, multi-step cleansing, exfoliation, several masks customized for the recipients skin type, as well as a lifting massage and non-surgical facial toning with an emphasis on hydration. To begin my treatment, I filled out a form that detailed my skin history, skin needs, and top concerns about my skin. I opted to focus on moisturizing, evening my complexion, and reducing fine lines. Patty explained what she was planning to do, kept me in the loop every step of the way, and involved me in every step of the process to ensure that everything she was doing was exactly what I wanted. Of course, I asked her to explain everything to me thoroughly so I could share it with you, so if you would rather relax without the explanations, that’s also an option, of course.

Couple's Treatment Room at Le SPA de l'hôtel Lotte at Lotte Hotel Seattle Grand Opening by Annie Fairfax Puget Sound Luxury Hotels

To reach my skincare goals, first Patty began by extracting a couple milia that had plagued my face on my nose and under my eye as a result of the products I used previously, as well as because of the second degree burns I had on my face when I was a kid, which makes me more susceptible to them. Then, she double cleansed with Bioogique Recherche Cleanse Lait U twice, followed by Biologique Recherche P50W which gently exfoliated and helped to rebalance the skin’s pH. I have extremely sensitive skin, and I’m so pale in the face that I’m almost translucent (you can see blue veins in my face and neck), which means that I’m very prone to redness and sometimes react badly to skincare products. The Biologique Recherche products she used on me were so gentle and effective that not only did I not feel even the slightest discomfort whatsoever, I actually thoroughly enjoyed having these gentle yet super effective products applied.

After the extracting, cleansing, and rebalancing, Patty applied Soin Lissant Liquide, which contains hyaluronic acid, silk proteins, royal jelly, and omega 3s, which help to deeply hydrate dry skin, soothe redness and inflammation, and help skin feel and look rejuvenated. She applied it using her own special massage movements to promote lymphatic drainage from the face and neck, while also subtly sculpting the face to promote plumpness and firmness. I couldn’t believe the difference and improved definition I saw along my jawline, temples, and cheekbones after such a gentle, skillful, and relaxing facial massage. I look like I’d lost 10 pounds, and all tension was removed from my jaw and neck after such an exquisite upper body massage.

Waiting Room at Le SPA de l'hôtel Lotte at Lotte Hotel Seattle Grand Opening by Annie Fairfax Puget Sound Luxury Hotels

Having sculpted my face, she then applied Masque Biosensible to add another layer of deep hydration, which helped to strengthen my skin’s natural barrier, and decreases redness by improving the suppleness of the skin. Masque VIP02 helped to tone and give a glowing, dewy finish to the skin by fighting environmental pollutants and stressors to the dermis and epidermis.

The next step was by far my absolute favorite part of the entire treatment, which is saying a lot because I truly adored this entire experience. After hydrating and toning, she applied Serum Erythros using icy cold Biologique Recherche Cryo Sticks, which are stainless steel batons with heads shaped almost like miniature golf clubs, filled with water and chilled. The chilled water inside keeps the surface temperature of the cryo sticks cold and effective. These help to cool the skin, thereby constricting blood vessels in the face, reducing redness, improving the effectiveness of the serum, and reducing puffiness. This step further helps to promote lymphatic drainage, and reduce tension in the face. This felt absolutely phenomenal, and I would love to go back and just have her massage my face with the cryo sticks all day long!

Le SPA de l'hôtel Lotte at Lotte Hotel Seattle Grand Opening by Annie Fairfax Puget Sound Luxury Hotels

Next, she mixed two serums, including Serum Tissuilaire to hydrate even more deeply and to help prep my skin for the upcoming dry, cool fall & winter air. After this step, she custom blended another serum and creme to hydrate yet again. Most of my skin issues and insecurities stem from dry skin, so while this may have seemed like excessive hydration, the various molecular sizes of each serum and cream she expertly selected for my needs ensured that the various layers of my skin were totally rehydrated and soothed. I left with skin feeling more lush and smooth than ever before.

Le SPA de l'hôtel Lotte at Lotte Hotel Seattle Grand Opening by Annie Fairfax Puget Sound Luxury Hotels

She finished the facial by addressing my largest skin insecurity, the keratosis pilaris on the back of my upper arms. This genetic condition is a result of dry skin and can be exacerbated by inflammation caused by food allergies, like my severe gluten allergy. She guided me on deeply hydrating moisturizers that I could use to soften, reduce the redness of my KP, and eventually eliminate these unsightly bumps. I’ve been using her recommended routine for my arms, and my KP looks better than I can ever remember. When she applied the P50 W exfoliator and deeply hydrating moisturizer, she had me feel my skin before and after, and I nearly cried because of what an extreme and instantaneous difference I could feel. I’ve tried quite literally dozens of treatments from DIY scrubs and oil blends to top of the line hydration products, and most have only made it worse. I recommend making the trip out to see Ms. Patty to have her help you address your skin concerns too.

Le SPA de l'hôtel Lotte at Lotte Hotel Seattle Grand Opening by Annie Fairfax Puget Sound Luxury Hotels

I can honestly say this experience changed my skin, increased my confidence, and left me feeling better about my skin than I ever have. Patty was so knowledgable, so gentle, and so much fun to be around, that it felt like visiting an old friend rather than going to a new spa for the first time. I could have kissed her for how excellent, bright, hydrated, supple, and even my skin looked and still looks after she worked her magic on me. I would truly travel across the country back to Seattle just to have another appointment with her. She is the best esthetician I have ever encountered, and she has a very rare talent for being able to assess and treat even the most deep seeded skin insecurities. I can’t wait to visit her again as soon as possible.

To book an appointment with the master of skincare herself, Master Esthetician Patty Huang at Lotte Hotel Seattle, call +1-206-800-8110 or email book@lespalotte.com to make your appointment and transform your skin. View the spa’s menu, here. After your spa treatment at Le Spa de l’hôtel Lotte, head up to Charlotte Restaurant & Lounge for a gorgeous, nutritious, locally sourced meal with an incredible view of Puget Sound to nourish your body, spirit, and mind.

Safe Travels!

xAnnie Fairfax
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