Luxury Home Finds for Less by Annie Fairfax

Luxe for Less Home Finds

There’s something so satisfying about finding beautiful home finds for a great deal, which is why I’ve rounded up some of my favorite, luxe home finds for less. These not only help a home look more put together, but the blue and white color scheme with natural, organic elements is timeless, easy to build upon the color scheme. These are pieces you’ll find throughout our own home!

Luxe for Less Home Finds

Natural & Organic Elements

I have two peacock chairs, just like this one, in our own home. They’re one of the first things guests notice in our sitting area, and they always interest visitors, no matter their own personal home-decor interests. This hanging chair is something on our wishlist, as it matches a rattan mirror, coffee table, bookcase, and seat we already own. We both love the organic look of rattan furniture, and this hanging chair is no exception.

If you’re looking for more rattan furniture options, this stool, this headboard, storage trunk, wall shelf, 3-piece patio set, round mirror, photo frames, and this jute rug are gorgeous, well made, and timeless. These seagrass hampers are beautiful, too for storing laundry, linens, blankets, or even surrounding large plant potters.

Another gorgeous piece of home decor I’m planning to install soon is these lovely hanging light pendants. We saw something similar during our time in Tulum, and we’ve both been hooked on them ever since. They add a bit of dimension to a room and tie in other pieces like the peacock chairs, the rattan furniture I mentioned earlier, and woven pieces like this set of bowls and this glass box for a more cohesive, put-together look that isn’t overly complicated.


I love nature so much that I have filled my home with plants. I’ve decorated our home with everything from pothos (aka Devil’s Ivy), arrowheads, peace lilies, monstera, and gardenia, money trees, bird of paradise to succulents, sansevieria, majesty palms, Swiss cheese plants, elephant ear plants, English ivy, and fiddle leaf fig plants. It’s made our home so much more organic looking, inviting, and tranquil. Plus, houseplants are natural air purifiers, so they’re excellent if you want to breathe easier at home. All told, I have around 150 houseplants!

I just ordered some of these glass wall-hanging vases too, to put in the small spaces between our doors in a neat row so that the pothos I propagate can trail down them. I’ll post photos as soon as they’ve grown nice and full!

There are even great faux plant options that look real if you are bereft of a green thumb.

Watch my Amazon Livestream all about my favorite houseplants & how to easily care for them! 

Blue & White Pottery

Blue and white is a color combination that has always been in style and always will be. I love these large ginger jars, this round blue and white jar, this small blue and white jar, this blue ombre casserole dish, this ginger jar, and this style of blue and white jar. There are even ginger jar ornaments for the holidays! I’ve never seen another ginger jar like this one, which has koi fish swimming around it.

These beautiful glass tumblers are 4 for $24, and they are of great quality. This blue and white chinoiserie garden stool is beautiful indoors or outdoors.

Luxurious Linens for Less

Some of my favorite linens have been some of the least expensive. This gorgeous scalloped quilt comes in different sizes and nearly a dozen different colors (I own it in white). It’s held up to washing over and over again over the past few years, and it still looks new!

This cotton waffle weave blanket is one of the softest, most luxurious throw blankets I’ve ever purchased. Available in Twin size – King size, this blanket is available in 10 different colors. It also holds up excellently in the wash and looks so elegant in bed, on the couch, or anywhere else I use it. I own this in the khaki color, and I love how versatile and cozy it is.

This bamboo duvet insert is the warmest comforter I’ve ever used. I love how soft it is, how high quality it is, and I love that it’s eco-friendly!

If you’re on the hunt for Turkish towels, these diamond weave towels are a gorgeous option and extremely high-quality for the price!

Everything Else

I’m a big fan of drinking as much water as I can in a day, and that means I’m always carrying around this glass and silicone water bottle with a bamboo lid. To keep my water as clean as possible, I run it through this filtering pitcher. On the occasions I make special drinks or sun tea, I like to use this glass pitcher, which coordinates with the glasses I mentioned above, or this beautiful scalloped edge pitcher. This glass bedside carafe is perfect for waking up thirsty at night or drinking more water upon waking.

Nothing is more luxurious than clean air, which is why this top-of-the-line air purifier, which is the best money can buy, is our favorite way to breathe easier. These crystal jars with lids are a beautiful way to store anything from trinkets & hair accessories to snacks, tea bags, or anything that strikes your fancy. If you are looking for a fan that also purifies the air, this tower version is an excellent choice.

If you’re looking to add dimension to your home’s decor through fragrance, this essential oil diffuser and non-pyramid scheme essential oil fragrances are my favorite way to diffuse fragrance through our home. Long-stemmed safety matches are a chic addition to any home while also preventing burns or dripped oil. If a quick spritz-and-go method of perfuming your home is in order, you can’t go wrong with this berry-scented home fragrance. This oval candle is another beautiful way to scent a home or space.


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Luxury Home Finds for Less by Annie Fairfax

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