Italian Wool Overcoat and Cashmere Baseball Cap Menswear Holiday Gift Ideas

Italian Wool Overcoat

Continuing from my last post about the best holiday gifts for men, I want to share this gorgeous Italian wool overcoat and coordinating logoless Cashmere baseball cap. Both rounded out my husband’s wardrobe and worked with the darker color scheme he wears in autumn and winter. Finding gifts for men can be very challenging, particularly for those who claim they don’t need anything. If your man doesn’t have one of these (or one of each!), this is your sign to get one for him!

Italian Wool Overcoat and Cashmere Baseball Cap Menswear Holiday Gift Ideas

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Outfit Details

Cashmere Baseball Cap, Italian Wool Overcoat, Cashmere Hoodie, T-Shirt, Ralph Lauren Jeans, Leather Bag, Puma Shoes


Beautifully made, this Italian wool overcoat is less than $200, available in three versatile colors, and the fit is particularly perfect if your man has broad shoulders. My husband sometimes has to have his coats and blazers tailored to accommodate his broad shoulders, but that wasn’t necessary with this one. It’s an excellent value for the quality and fit.

When it came to sizing, he wore his usual size, and the fit of it allowed him to comfortably layer a tee shirt and a cashmere hoodie beneath the jacket with a little room to spare. He’s since worn this with a cashmere scarf and a thicker sweater, and was just as comfortable.

Typically, an Italian wool overcoat like this runs well over $500, but this one was only $180, and my husband has been very warm and comfortable in it so far. He’s wearing the charcoal grey color. It also comes in dark camel and black. I chose the charcoal grey color. It’s something he didn’t have and allows him more versatility because it can be worn with light or dark clothing. That means he can wear it well into early spring, too.

The logoless cashmere baseball cap is so lovely and thick. Although it doesn’t cover his ears, it keeps him warm when it isn’t too windy. They offer two sizes (he’s wearing the larger ‘M/L’ size), which come in five colors. Since it’s unisex, I’ve borrowed it before, too, and I love it! It’s a really lovely and unique gift for anyone who wears hats. Plus, it comes in a really sturdy, lovely box that can be used for gifting, or storing the hat, or it can easily be recycled.

The bag he’s wearing is handmade from Italian leather and is perfect for carrying extra camera batteries, memory cards, his wallet, phone, keys, a water bottle, and whatever else he needs as we travel. Plus, it pulls the entire look together so nicely. This sturdy, beautiful bag is an excellent gift for anyone who spends a lot of time away from home but doesn’t want to carry a backpack or laptop bag.

Italian Wool Overcoat and Cashmere Baseball Cap Menswear Holiday Gift Ideas

Overall, these gifts are perfect for anyone living in a cooler climate and for hard-to-shop-for men in your lives.

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