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Houseplant Care & Propagation Livestream

In my most recent Houseplant Care Livestream, I’ve shared my tips and tricks for not only taking excellent care of houseplants ranging from tropicals to desert plants and everything in between, but I’ve also shared how to propagate your houseplants. That is, I’m sharing how to divide plants up to create even more enviable greenery in your home!

Houseplant Care & Propagation Livestream by Annie Fairfax How to Care for indoor Houseplants Over the Winter

In this Livestream, I demonstrate how to propagate two types of plants, arrowheads and pothos, the principles of which can be applied to numerous varieties of houseplants outlined in my Livestream.

Green Tropical Leaf Background Image Copyright Annie Fairfax Philodendron Palm Leaves Banana Leaf

Click HERE to watch my houseplant propagation tutorial!

You can also shop the exact items I’m using in my Livestream, including my live houseplants, through my Amazon Livestream – it’s all linked there in the video! I even highlighted each item as I used it for your convenience. I also go over how to care for large houseplants like monstera, Boston ferns, bird of paradise, peace lilies, philodendron hope, and many more, including removing houseplant pests should you find any.

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In my very first Houseplant Care Livestream, I share all of the ways in which I take care of my houseplants indoors, how I repot them, monitor moisture and humidity levels, and keep them thriving all year long.

Click HERE to watch my Houseplant Care Livestream and to explore the exact tried and true items I use to keep my indoor plants happy and healthy all year long.

Plant Flower Photography By Annie Fairfax

Want to see more beautiful botanicals? Check out my Gardens archive!

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  1. Great tips! I love houseplants.

  2. Danielle F says:

    I love house plants but don’t normally have a green thumb. Great tips!

  3. Lisa Premo says:

    Thank you for the neat tips! I grow & love many houseplants!