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Holland’s Farmers Market

Quick post today! While near Grand Haven, Robin and I went to Holland, MI to visit the beautiful farmers market! We went here when we first started dating and it was the first time he gave me flowers (a dahlia, in case you were wondering hehe).

I just LOVE dahlias, they look like they’re painted!
I ended up picking out my favorite 6 dahlias (for only $3!!!), and they lasted for such a long time! Whenever I am near Holland on a Wednesday or Saturday I try to stop by!
Bag: Sloane Ranger
Watch: Daniel Wellington (use my code “ANNIEWEARSIT” for 15% off!)
Hat: Harding Lane!
Shep Shirt: White Quilted Shep from Vineyard Vines!


See the pretty pink and yellow smaller bloom in the left top (next to the yellow flower)? That was my favorite and it came home with me!
Can’t go wrong with flowers and curls!


More dahlias!


Close up of one of my favorite dahlias, taken in my car!


I do, on ocassion, wear Lululemon workout leggings when shopping haha.
There were so many beautiful colors it was very difficult to choose from!


We also grabbed some delicious organic peaches from a stand at the market too! It is always a lot of fun to talk to the people who grow our food!

Thank you so much for journeying to the Holland Farmers Market with me, and thank you for reading!


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  1. Becky (preponabudget) says:

    Those flowers are so beautiful! Love going to farmers market and getting fresh produce and fresh flowers 🙂

    1. Jessica Malinowski says:

      I need to do this more often!

  2. I’m with you on the dahlias! My mother and grandfather are/were avid dahlia gardeners, and believe it or not, despite the 50° weather we’ve been having here in MN, they’re still blooming! Those dahlias you picked up are absolutely gorgeous, I love the colors!


    1. Jessica Malinowski says:

      Sounds like they’re very resilient flowers!

    1. Thank you so much Alexis! I’m sorry for the super late reply, I just realized I had a notification tab LOL (I’m not very good with technology, clearly haha). You’re so sweet, thank you for taking the time to read my blog and comment, it means so much to me! I’ve been posting lots of new content, so please be sure to check it out! <3

    2. Jessica Malinowski says:

      She has such great style. Huh?

  3. Jessica Malinowski says:

    Those flowers are so vibrant!

  4. Danielle F says:

    Beautiful flowers!