Hall of Mirrors inside Hotel Walloon, Walloon Lake, Michigan

Hall of Mirrors at Hotel Walloon

Within the enchanting walls of Hotel Walloon in Walloon Lake, there’s a staircase that takes visitors from the ground floor to the third floor, and the walls of this luxurious staircase are filled with hundreds of gold gilded mirrors. No two are alike, and the way they reflect light from the windows, from mirror to mirror is absolutely breathtaking. The hallway itself is painted a dark shade of navy with white wooden wainscoting around the bottom half. In all actuality, this stairway is very well-lit, airy, bright, and inviting, but I edited these photos to be much darker to create a more dramatic representation of the splendor of Hotel Walloon. The almost heavenly lighting from above casts delicate, beautiful shadows in reality, yet in my edits they helped me create the splendidly mysterious and almost eerie ambience you see above.

I hope you enjoyed these edits! Stay tuned for more posts about this gorgeous hotel!

xAnnie Fairfax
aka @AnnieWearsit

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