Glengarry Castle Hotel Entrance in Invergarry Scotland Hotels Near Loch Ness Inverness Isle of Skye by Annie Fairfax Luxury Hotels of the World
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Glengarry Castle Hotel

Beautiful Glengarry Castle Hotel sits less than 1/2 of a mile away from the ruins of its namesake, Invergarry Castle. Situated on Loch Oich in the Scottish Highlands near Inverness, Loch Ness, and roughly 2 hours from the breathtaking Isle of Skye, this luxurious castle turned hotel was the perfect place for us to rest our heads after long days of exploring the Scottish countryside and surrounding villages each day during our 5th wedding anniversary celebration.

Glengarry Castle Hotel Entrance in Invergarry Scotland Hotels Near Loch Ness Inverness Isle of Skye by Annie Fairfax Luxury Hotels of the World

Glengarry Castle Hotel

Location: Invergarry, Scotland
Invergarry PH35 4HW
United Kingdom
Staff Helpfulness & Friendliness
: 5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Room size: 3/5
Room Amenities: 4/5
Room and Bed Comfort: 4/5
View from Room: 5/5
Food Variety: 5/5
Food Quality: 4/5
Internet Service Quality: 2/5
Pool: N/A
Spa: N/A
Proximity to Other Points of Interest: 2/5
Valet Parking: Self-Parking

Regal Lobby of Glengarry Castle Hotel Invergarry Scotland United Kingdom

Loch Oich View from Glengarry Castle Hotel in Scotland's Highlands

Glengarry Castle Hotel was the perfect place for us to base our anniversary trip during our time in the Scottish Highlands. We had a rental car, so we had the freedom of driving wherever we wanted, and it was just such an incredible experience. We spent the first two days of our stay exploring Loch Ness, Portree and the cities and sites in between our hotel and those sites, and spent a lot of time hiking and enjoying the outdoors. Both my husband and I are avid outdoors people, so it was only natural that we’d enjoy this area and all of the natural beauty it had to offer so much.

Loch Oich in Invergarry Scotland

Guests of the hotel can choose to enjoy a meal in the castle’s grand dining room, which is a worthwhile extra expenditure. Then menu changes daily for dinner, and the breakfast they offer is a pretty standard Scottish breakfast, with a large selection of egg dishes, fish, pastries, meats, beans, and more to choose from, all made fresh to order. For dinner, freshly caught fish and seafood was the emphasis of the rotating menu. I regret not getting a shot of the view of Loch Oich and the surrounding mountains that’s visible from the dining room, because it was such a treat to wake up and look out over the mountains and loch as the fog rolled in, and seeing the castle’s sheep grazing on the grass.

Sheep Outside Glengarry Castle Hotel Entrance in Invergarry Scotland Hotels Near Loch Ness Inverness Isle of Skye by Annie Fairfax Luxury Hotels of the World

Our room was well stocked with everything we needed from robes to toiletries, and we felt so welcome the entire time. The United Kingdom was experiencing record high temperatures during our visit, and since it had never been that hot in Scotland before, even in the middle of summer, the castle didn’t have air conditioning. The hotel staff did their best to keep us cool with fans and the like, and it normally wouldn’t have been a problem, but if climate change carries on the way it has and temperatures continue to rise, keep that in mind when visiting during the summer.

The hotel does not have a pool or spa, as it was originally a large manor home styled after the nearby castle, the ruins of which are a short stroll away from the hotel. However, hotel guests do have access to Loch Oich, which is a beautiful lake that stretches up and down more than 4 miles of breathtaking Scottish landscapes. Guests are welcome to swim or boat in the water, and we had a lovely time borrowing the hotels row boat for awhile to enjoy a lunch on the water.

Glengarry Castle Hotel on Loch Oich in Invergarry Scotland

Overall, we absolutely loved our time here. Our room was quiet and comfortable, the food was delightful, the staff welcomed us warmly and treated us like family, and being tucked away in the Scottish Highlands was so romantic and tranquil, it’s an experience neither I nor my husband will soon forget. I highly recommend Glengarry Castle Hotel should you ever have the good fortune of finding yourself in breathtaking Scotland.

Ruins of Glengarry Castle in Invergarry Scotland
The ruins of ancient Invergarry Castle, built in 1602, was the traditional seat of the clan MacDonnell, relatives of the powerful Donald clan.

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