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Fashionable Face Masks

Since wearing face masks is required almost everywhere anyone goes these days, there’s no reason not to wear one you like. Below are some of my very favorite styles, prints, and patterns, that make wearing a mask more enjoyable. I hope these inspire you to match your mask to your outfit and to keep a smile on your face.

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One of the things I hope sticks around once this is all over, is wearing face masks whenever a person is sick or has allergies. We saw this all over in Japan, and I thought it was so wonderful that people were respectful of one another and actively tried to prevent other people from getting sick. I can’t tell you how many times someone has said that they have “allergies” only to get the same sickness they had a few days later (spoiler alert: they were claiming that they had allergies when they were actually sick and contagious). There’s no reason not to be considerate of other people and try to take care of everyone’s health to the extent possible. In my opinion, it’s a sign of respect for others.

My Favorite Masks

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Another thing I hope “sticks” after this ends, is that people will be able to stay home from work or school without negative repercussions when they are sick. This would go a very long way in preventing colds and flus from spreading to other people. Everyone should be able to take care of their own health and prevent the spread of illnesses. So often my classmates would show up to school sick and a few days later half the class would be sick too. It’s just so illogical to act like being sick is a choice that someone should be punished for; illnesses are oftentimes unavoidable. By being more compassionate with one another and wearing masks to prevent spreading sicknesses, and staying home when we are sick, we can all be much healthier!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the Lilly print masks! I ordered several for myself!

  2. Karen arnold says:

    Love these suggestions for pretty masks – mine are all solid and it feels so blah!

  3. Stephanie Whitney says:

    Who would’ve thought that we would be living in a world where face masks are fashionable? Love the simple ones but the Lilly patterns have my heart!

  4. I’m sooooo over having to wear masks everywhere…but if we gota do it they might as well be cute! LOL Love the Lilly ones!

  5. Cory Kelly says:

    My favorite are the Lilly masks too, I always get compliments!

  6. Kemari Ihlenfeldt says:

    You can never have too many masks these days! I have a couple Lilly print and Tory Burch ones. Love them!

  7. Larissa Page says:

    I hope they have lilly masks in the APS

  8. Anonymous says:

    Stop supporting muzzels!! Unmask our kids!!!!!! You are a part of the problem!