Ruins of Tulum at Tulum National Park Mexico

The Mayan Ruins of Tulum

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The ruins of Tulum were absolutely stunning, and so worth the short drive. Located inside of the stunning Tulum National Park, admission is only $10 USD, and parking was another $5. I don’t recommend buying one of the guided tours or packages, because not only are they very expensive, you can have more freedom walking about on your own, plus you get to stay in the park as long as you’d like if you don’t pay for a guided tour (which is roughly $1,000 pesos). If you do pay for a guided tour, they lead you out of the park at the end.

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Location: Tulum National Park
Hours: 8am-5pm Daily
Entrance Fee: $10 USD per Person
Parking Fee: $5 USD per Vehicle
Handicap Accessible: No
Family Friendly: Yes, but keep an eye on children, there are snakes and lizards abound
Restrooms: Yes, but not many. Use the ones outside of and just inside the park.
Beach Access & Swimming: Included in Admission
Outside Food or Drink: Yes
Recommend Visit Length: 2+ Hours
Can I Climb These Ruins?: No, only the ruins of Cobá are climbable currently!

There were quite a number of iguanas (can you spot them in my photos?) lazing about in the sun, and on top of the ruins. They also walked along the paths next to people, so be sure to watch your step! We also saw some venomous snakes in the park, and gave those a wide berth. I’d recommend wearing shoes that cover your ankles and socks at the very least when visiting, just in case. It should go without saying, but don’t touch wildlife or get close to it, they can be aggressive! Aside from the place being overrun with reptiles, the ruins were awesome and very family friendly.

The beaches here had high waves while we were visiting, so we didn’t get a chance to enjoy them, but everyone we talked to in Tulum said it’s a wonderful place to swim and enjoy the Caribbean sunshine. If you’re into snorkeling, there are a number of places you can go on your own, or you can sign up for one of the numerous snorkeling excursions that will take you out to some of the best spots in the Sea, and help ensure you stay safe by keeping an eye out for other boats or curious sea creatures. If you do elect to go snorkeling, I recommend bringing your own snorkeling gear, because it can be challenging to use gear you’re not familiar with.

Interested in visiting a cenote to swim and snorkel in? Check out Gran Cenote nearby, only a 15 minute drive away! Here’s my guide on what to expect before you visit.

We didn’t see any places to eat or grab a drink once we were inside the park (there are some outside the park), so be sure to bring a large bottle of water with you, and some snacks or a picnic, especially if you plan to spend awhile there. If you do decide to eat inside the park, just be aware that not only are there very few places to sit, but as I mentioned above there are quite a few iguanas and snakes roaming about, although they do seem to avoid people, so be careful where you decide to eat. If you opt for a picnic, keep an eye on what’s going on around you and ensure that nothing comes to steal your food. We witnessed an iguana run along the top of a wall a visitor was leaning against, and snatch her sandwich right out of her hand!

It was so cool to see so many ancient buildings still standing tall in the sun on the cliffs of Tulum after more than a thousand years (this area was inhabited and likely built up in the 500 ADs). We went without a tour guide, and opted to read the signs scattered around the site instead, and I don’t regret this decision at all. There is so much to learn by visiting historical sites like this, and admission fees helps to support the preservation of this important cultural site. We spent about 3 hours total here, and it was just breathtaking. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend visiting!

Farewell, fellow adventurers!

Annie Fairfax
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  2. Tulum is one of my favorite places! I love these tropical photos you took, I wish I was back there right now!

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