Colmar, France Travel Guide

Our Visit to Colmar, France

Colmar, France is a beautiful little village in the Alsace wine region of France, which inspired the village in Beauty and the Beast! Colmar was also the home of the sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the artist who sculpted our Statue of Liberty! Located about 1 hour across the French/German border, this small town was full of classic French cuisine and specialty wines, beautiful gift shops, and canals, reminiscent of Venice, this town known as “Little Venice” was breathtaking.

Everyone here spoke French, and some spoke a bit of English. We got around just fine (I took a year of French in college and can’t speak it well, but I could read the signs and menus well enough that we were able to survive haha). The food in Colmar was absolutely delicious! We passed by an outdoor macaroon stand and she called us over to try a fresh, warm macaroon that she had just made and they were positively heavenly! Enticed by her delicious creations, we purchased a small bag and enjoyed them while strolling along the canals. The crepes featured below were out of this world! Soft, warm, light, and fluffy, and filled with delicious sweet strawberries and hazelnut cream, I could have eaten 50 of them haha.

There was a very large and very beautiful cathedral in town, that drew in quite a large crowd of the devote as well as tourists.

During our visit we saw so many gorgeous, brightly colored building façades, trinket shops, and buildings that were older than America!

This incredible building was actually a bar! There was so much to see and do, and while some of it was closed or inaccessible during the early spring, we thoroughly enjoyed our weekend here!

Check out my guide to Colmar, France here.

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  1. Elena Petkovska says:

    France is beautiful country specially Paris, reminds me when my brother proposed my sister in love there

  2. Jessica Malinowski says:

    The food!

  3. Anonymous says:

    One of my favorite places in the world, quaint, beautiful.