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Biologique Recherche Personalized Skin Diagnostic

During the celebration of the DELAMAR Southport Spa grand opening, I was invited to undergo a skin diagnostic assessment by the French luxury skincare brand Biologique Recherche, and what I learned has reshaped the way I view and care for my skin. During the Biologique Recherche Personalized Skin Diagnostic, they assessed seventeen areas of my skin’s health, from hydration, sensitivity, and blemishes to dark spots, wrinkling, and firmness on seven areas of my face, and presented me with the average results. Then, they took these results and interviewed me about my lifestyle choices and skin history, alongside an analysis of my current skincare regimen. They recommended a customized Biologique Recherche regimen I could begin to perfect and preserve my skin’s appearance. While what I learned from my assessment is unique to me, I hope this encourages you to get a similar analysis done because it was extensive and helpful!

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This assessment was straightforward because, unlike other spa treatments, I didn’t need to change or put on a robe. They use the machine and sensors shown above to the left to examine the skin’s reactivitiy to several tests. All told, the process took about thirty minutes, and I had my results the next day! The technician said that most people have dry skin this time of year, so I should add 20-30% to my hydration score for spring and summer. Even so, I’d like to visit again in the warmer months to see how it’s changed.

Biologique Recherche Personalized Skin Diagnostic Annie Fairfax Biologique Recherche Skin Assessment at DELAMAR Southport Spa Luxury Spas Skincare Beauty

Thankfully, I’ve always led a healthy, active lifestyle. That’s helped my skin a lot, as have my genetics. No one in my family has acne, blackheads, or other blemishes. As a result, I scored extremely low (or not at all) on acne scarring, pore size, blackhead/acne presence, over-oily skin, etc. That was a good indication that my skin was even and blemish-free. I also don’t have any sun spots or dark spots on my skin because I am fastidious about applying sunscreen and wearing big hats outside.

My hydration score was slightly low due to winter, but she said that was a normal range for a dry winter day. Couperosis is redness or the presence of red veins in the skin. My skin is very pale (hence my need for sunscreen and hats, haha), so what little she could see was minimal due to my complexion, not rosacea. Another good thing I learned was that I don’t have many wrinkles (thanks to genetics and being safe in the sun), and those I did have were very faint. She also said I have good thickness and firmness in my face and that I have the skin of someone a decade younger than I am. Yay!

A few problems I was not aware of were that I have deficient barrier function in my skin. Essentially, my skin is delicate and sensitive, as the sensitivity score indicates. I’ve always known my skin was very sensitive, which I’ve mentioned in several other posts, but learning that such sensitive skin can make me more prone to skin damage was a surprise. I’d always thought it was annoying but not dangerous, but I discovered through this testing that it was untrue. However, she went on to educate me that I was already doing everything right when it came to protecting my reactive, sensitive skin, i.e., wearing sunscreen, staying out of the sun during midday, wearing covering clothing and big hats, etc. While I didn’t need to make any lifestyle changes based on this information, it was good to affirm that I’m doing my best to care for myself.

Another disappointing thing was that she noted the presence of moderate dark circles. Part of that, she said, was likely due to genetics and couldn’t be changed. Part of it is due to my job, which relies on using a computer for at least eight hours daily. Some of it, she guessed, was also from winter, a lack of vitamin D, being outside, etc. Even so, she recommended a contouring eye cream to help minimize those dark circles to whatever extent possible. Some people have dark circles no matter what they do, but I find that they get worse in winter when I’m tired and dehydrated or jet-lagged.

Biologique Recherche Personalized Skin Diagnostic Annie Fairfax Biologique Recherche Skin Assessment at DELAMAR Southport Spa Luxury Spas Skincare Beauty

Annie Fairfax Biologique Recherche Skin Assessment at DELAMAR Southport Spa Luxury Spas Skincare Beauty


These skincare products are recommended for my specific needs and the rationale behind each selection. It was fascinating to get such personalized skincare advice beyond “Here’s something hydrating” or “This will help prevent wrinkles.” They used scientific reasoning to explain why each product would work well for me, so this was an excellent and insightful process. It demonstrates the scientific research that Biologique Recherche has put into its products.

Knowing the optimal skincare routine for my skin needs is satisfying and helpful. I will take their advice and report back on what I find!

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