The Complete Traveler's Guide to Art Gallery of Toronto Ontario Canada Art Museums

Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario

Thank you to the Art Gallery of Ontario for sponsoring this post!

The Complete Traveler's Guide to Art Gallery of Toronto Ontario Canada Art Museums

Location: 317 Dundas St. W, Toronto ON
Admission Fee: $20/adult, $30/adult for special exhibits or free admission every Wednesday night from 6pm-9pm
Hours: 10:30am-5pm+ (Variable, closed Mondays)
Parking: Nearby free & paid parking
Handicap Accessible: Yes
Special Rules: No Backpacks

The Art Gallery of Ontario invited us to visit their museum, which is one of the largest in North America, and of course I didn’t hesitate because I LOVE museums, art, and learning more about the world through art. I was so impressed with how beautifully and intentionally everything was displayed, I’d really never seen anything like it. The gallery skillfully utilized negative space to further emphasize impactful exhibits, like the First Nation exhibits, or the classical art galleries. I especially loved the model ship displays that were arranged in wavy-top glass cases, set in a recessed display room, kept in low-lighting, and adorned with intentional shadows to create a feeling of being underwater. Other exhibits, like the classical art exhibits had lots of paintings, both large and small, jammed together with very little space in between them, which made the room feel chaotic and exciting, and encouraged viewer’s eyes to wander from one painting to the next, seamlessly. It was evident to me that the staff at the Art Gallery of Ontario put a lot of time and love into each of the exhibits inside the museum, and it further enhanced the atmosphere of the museum. Even the wide, winding, wooden staircases around the museum were a work of art in their own right.

Currently, Yayui Kusama’s traveling exhibit entitled ‘Infinity Mirrors’ will be open to the public until May 27th, and it’s open until midnight on select days. This exhibit is something I’m sure you’ve seen on the internet, Instagram, and on blogs all over the world, because it is AWESOME! Click here to learn more about how to get tickets for this event (if you go, send me photos, I’d love to see it!).

This museum was one of many awesome museums in Toronto, but it stood out to me because of how beautifully and uniquely arranged everything was, and because they had a massive collection of famous works of art like the Soup Cans by Andy Warhol and several breathtaking Monets (one of my all time favorite artists!). From the time we set foot in the museum and walked along the interior, to when we climbed to the very top of the large wooden spiral staircase, we were constantly being presented new information, and new sites, each in a unique and interesting way. If you’re in Toronto, absolutely stop in and take a walk around for yourself, the Art Gallery of Ontario shouldn’t be missed!

xAnnie Fairfax
aka @AnnieWearsit

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