Animal Kingdom Cheetah Print Outfits by Annie Fairfax Walt Disney World Outfit Inspiration

Animal Print Outfit at Animal Kingdom

I love having fun with what I wear, and so when I was packing for Walt Disney World, I knew I wanted to get wild with my outfit for Animal Kingdom. I broke out my largest safari sun hat, and my most comfortable animal printed dress (it was SO hot outside, but so much fun!), and had a great time with new friends at the parks. The dress I’m wearing is my normal size, a small.

Animal Kingdom Cheetah Print Outfits by Annie Fairfax Walt Disney World Outfit Inspiration

My best friend Jamie and I had a little photoshoot in our hotel room before we headed to the parks, while we danced to Africa by Toto, Waka Waka by Shakira, and Down Under by Men at Work (which isn’t about Africa but rather Australia, which is where Jamie’s husband is from)! There’s nothing better than being silly with a lifelong friend, haha. Head to my IG story highlight about Walt Disney World if you want to see more of our shenanigans!

Outfit Deatils

Dress, Shoes, Anthropologie Hat, Apple Watch Band, Scrunchie (part of a set)

These photos just crack me up! We had so much fun around the parks taking photos “on safari” and looking for beautiful birds and flowers. We saw so many other people wearing cheetah print clothing around the parks, so we definitely fit in. A couple of ladies who follow me on instagram stopped to take a photo with me, and we were all wearing Cheetah prints, haha.

Animal kingdom is such a gorgeous park, and it’s perfect for nature lovers. There’s so much to see and do, and the park is firmly rooted in environmental conservation. The animals that live at Animal Kingdom couldn’t survive in the wild, and so they are safe and sound at the park. I’ve visited a few ethical zoos around the world, like the Detroit Zoo and the South Carolina Aquarium, which only house rescue animals who are injured and can’t live in the wild, and Animal Kingdom’s animals were some of the healthiest and happiest critters I’ve ever seen.

Here are a couple photos of our group and the Disney Team. This was such an amazing adventure, and this cute cheetah dress was the perfect companion! Can you see that we’re all wearing cheetah print? We didn’t even plan this, haha. If you’re wondering what to wear to Animal Kingdom, you can’t go wrong with animal print Animal Kingdom outfit!

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  1. You’re both such cuties! This looks like so much fun!

  2. Love your outfits! Just wondering if the hats were ever inconvenient on rides and such?

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