3 Super Simple Hair Styles for Long Hair by Annie Fairfax

3 Super Simple Hairstyles for Spring

I almost exclusively wear my hair down, but I opt for simpler styles when I don’t. I have very long hair that can be heavy, so I keep that in mind when styling it. Did you know that wearing hair up too high and too heavy for too long can begin to break the hairs around the face? It’s a common reason why women notice their hair thins! If you love simple hairstyles, or if you’ve noticed that the hairs around your face need a break (not literally), try these three super simple hairstyles!

Statement Headband

Hair in your face? Headband. Need to hide a hair tie dent? Quickly curl your hair (or spray it with a sea salt mist, tie it in a bun, blow dry it for a moment, then enjoy the waves) and put a headband on it. Headbands are the backbone of my super simple hairstyles arsenal, and I love that they look so polished without any effort at all!

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What You Need

Just a headband – seriously!

How to Do It

Decide how much hair you want to be pushed back. You can pull a few strands out from your ears for a more relaxed look or slick it all back for a more severe, chic style. Pick a headband that matches your outfit, mood, or the seasons, and bask in the glory of a hairstyle that looks like it took 30 minutes when it only took 5 seconds.

Jumbo Clip Twist

This one is extra easy, and it can be SO comfortable with the right clip. It’s the perfect way to keep long, heavy hair off the neck and shoulders without damaging hair.

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Pro-tip: Don’t wear big clips like this while driving. If (god forbid!) you were in a car accident, the thick plastic and metal would come between you and the headrest, which could cause injuries or worse.

What You Need: 

A jumbo hair clip! These are available in so many colors, opaquenesses, shapes, and even textures. I own pretty much every color under the rainbow, and they’re such a fun way to match your hair accessory to your outfit. Below are some of my favorites.

How to Do It: 

Gather hair at the nape of the neck as you would for a ponytail. Then, twist the hair two or three times and draw it up. Clip the hair against your head et voilá! Rearrange the hair that hangs over how you like.

Alternatively, instead of letting the strands hang over the clip, bring them back down (creating a u-shape), and clip over the hair. You can make this as neat or messy as you like!

Half-Up with a Scrunchie

Super simple, super cute, and super easy to do!

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What You Need

Just a scrunchie! Any one will do. You can also do this with a hair tie, a ribbon, a small clip, or a bow. It’s so cute and doesn’t need to be perfect. Plus, this works well with straight or curly hair.

How to Do It 

Just above your ears, part your hair on either side with your index finger and draw them back to meet in the middle of your head. Then, pick the hair above the part, gather it at the back of your head as high or as low as you like, and tie it off. If you want a neater style, use a comb and hairspray to smooth bumps and flyaways, or for a messier look, pull at the top of your hair in a few spots. Add a scrunchie, ribbon, or bow, and you’re good to go.

Other Variations

You can make this a bun, braid the top section, add a french braid down the center and curl the bottom half, or use a cute stick hairpin. This is such a versatile look that if you get creative, no one will notice you’re doing the same thing day after day – Easy!

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What other simple hairstyles do you love? Let me know in the comments!

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