Annie Fairfax Wears a Marie Zélie Ginger Jar Blouse, a Theory Cashmere Jacket, Paige Denim, M.Gemi White Leather Sneakers, Tory Burch Fleming Handbag, Pandora Bracelet, and Michael Kors Sunglasses in Newport, Rhode Island for the Spring Season and Coastal Travel Outfit

2023 Tuckernuck Sample Sale

Get in line for the sale here!

Tuckernuck’s Annual Online Sample Sale is happening soon! I’ve written about this every year since their first online sale in 2021, and every single year I’ve scored awesome deals up to 85% off retail prices on 1000s of their brand name items like Tuckernuck, Canada Goose, Mother, STAUD, Alexis, Sea New York, Agua by Agua Bendita, Cara Cara, LoveShackFancy, and hundreds of others. This is Tuckernuck’s best sale of the year, so it’s no wonder I’ve received so many questions about the details. In this post, I’m going to share my best guess for the date of the sale, and my tips for shopping the sale and scoring everything you want.

These details are based on the past two online sample sales, and if anything changes as the sale gets closer, I will update this ASAP and let you know what’s changed! Check back frequently and join my Tuckernuck Buy, Sell, Trade, & Sample Sale Facebook Group for more updates and to swap your Sample Sale items or find things you might have missed in the sale!

Annie Fairfax Wears a Marie Zélie Ginger Jar Blouse, a Theory Cashmere Jacket, Paige Denim, M.Gemi White Leather Sneakers, Tory Burch Fleming Handbag, Pandora Bracelet, and Michael Kors Sunglasses in Newport, Rhode Island for the Spring Season and Coastal Travel Outfit

Tuckernuck Sample Sale Details & Price

Q: What Is the Tuckernuck Sample Sale?
A: This is an online sale that has happened over the past two years in January, where 1000s of Tuckernuck brands are up to 80% off. This replaced their in-person Washington, D.C. sale during the pandemic.

Q: When Is the Tuckernuck Sample Sale?
A: The first online sample sale was Tuesday, January 26th – 27th, 2021, then last year’s sale was Tuesday, January 25th – 27th, 2021. Based on this happening on the last Tuesday of January, my best guess for when the sale will happen this year will be Tuesday, January 24th, 2023.

Update (1/19/23) This sale date has been confirmed!

Q: How do I access the sale?
A: Click here to be taken directly to it!

Q: Is the sale in store too?
A: No! The Tuckernuck Sample Sale is exclusively online!

Q: Can I shop on my tablet or phone?
A: Yes! Access the sale on your tablet or phone here.

Q: What Will BTuckernuck’sn the Tuckernuck Sample Sale?
A: In previous sales, all categories of items like dresses, pants, activewear, jackets & coats, and shoes &What’ssories have been included from all of their regular designer brands. This is part of what makes this sale so incredible!

Q: What Will the Prices Be Like?
A: Prices will be up to 85% off retail! The regular retail prices of Tuckernuck items currently range from $22 – $4,485, so that means within the sale, prices will likely range from $3.30 – $672.75.

Striped Blue & White Shirt Dress Louis Vuitton Daniel Wellington AnnieWearsIt

Tuckernuck’s Virtual Line System & Pre-Sale Tickets

Q: How Does a Virtual Line Work?
A: Shoppers are placed in a virtual line based on the order in which they arrive at the website, so keep an eye out for announcements on when to get in line for the best shot at getting in early. This virtual line prevents the website from crashing, with too many shoppers trying to access it all at once.

Q: Will Tuckernuck Sell Early Access Tickets Like Last Year?
A: Last year’s early access tickets were sold for, I believe, $50. They were supposed to grant those who bought them first dibs on the sale, but this didn’t work, and Tuckernuck ended up having to refund those who bought them. I don’t think they will do that again, as it angered many of their customers, but if they do, they will likely change the way the pre-sale access ticketing works.

Q: What’s the Best Way to Shop a Virtual Sale with a Virtual Line?
A: Get there early! Read the next section, “How to Shop the Tuckernuck Virtual Sample Sale,” for all of my tips and tricks!

Q: If the Website Crashes, What Do I Do?
A: Just be patient and know that the Tuckernuck team is working diligently to get it back up and running. The website crashed for a few hours last year, but once it was fixed, everything went smoothly. Stay flexible, stay excited, and get ready to shop!

How to Shop The Tuckernuck Virtual Sample Sale

Shop with multiple tabs open. This will give you numerous places in line, and if you accidentally close one tab, you won’t be forced to the back of the line.

Items in your cart are not reserved until they ship to you. I haven’t lost anything I’ve put in my cart, but check out regularly and know that items go very quickly. The discounts are amazing and there’s tons of interest, so don’t overthink your purchases too much and score as many great deals as you can! Anything that doesn’t work out for you can be resold, traded, or potentially swapped for a different size within my Tuckernuck Facebook Group.

Prioritize your interests and shop those categories first. If you’re most interested in dresses, hit the dress section first and sort by your size, so you’re only shown options that work for you.

Create a Tuckernuck Account today to save time checking out, or update your current account to ensure your address and payment information are up-to-date.

Discounts, Shipping, and Returns

Discount codes and other special promos will not apply during the Tuckernuck Sample Sale – the prices will be the best you’ll ever see from these brands!

Shipping was $5 last year, and orders are expected to ship within two weeks, which is great when compared to other brands’ sales of a similar nature!

All sales are final during the Tuckernuck Sample Sale, so measure yourself today and keep a list of your measurements nearby so you can quickly check the size guides for each piece, virtually trying them on, before you make a purchase.

If you buy something that it doesn’t fit, join my Tuckernuck Buy, Sell, Trade, Chat, & Sample Sale Swap Facebook Group to swap it with someone else who has the same item in another size!

Tuckernuck Sample Sale Details by Annie Fairfax and Giveaway

Two $100 Tuckernuck Gift Cards Giveaway

Ahead of the sale, I’m giving away two $100 Tuckernuck e-gift cards! One winner will be selected randomly; the other will be chosen based on whoever has the highest number of entries.

How to Enter


  1. Like My Facebook Page
  2. Comment on 3+ Blog Posts on Each comment beyond the first 3 is an extra entry, and you can enter as many times as you’d like with as many comments as you’d like!
  3. Comment “Done + (# of entries you’ve completed)” on this post (this comment does not count as one of the three comments)

That’s it! Complete as many as the optional entries below and add those optional entries to #3 above for your total.

Optional Bonus Entries

For more chances to win a gift card randomly and to increase your chances of being the person with the most entries who wins the second gift card, here are more optional ways to enter! **Must first complete all required entries

  2. Subscribe to my blog (sidebar or on the homepage, or on the pop-up over this blog post) [5 entries]
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Be sure to comment with your total number of entries below – Good Luck!

Fine Print

The giveaway is solely hosted by Annie Fairfax. Entry totals will be verified before I pick winners.  Winners will be selected on the morning of the Tuckernuck Sale and sent an electronic gift card. Winners will be tagged and announced on my Facebook Page. Winners have 24 hours to reply, or a new winner will be selected. Must be at least 18 years old to enter or have parent/guardian permission. In the very unlikely event Tuckernuck does not have a Sample Sale this year, winners will still be selected anyway on January 31st, 2023. Void where prohibited.


Winners: Sarah Kreger & Danielle De Mond Fey

Follow me on Instagram & Pinterest for more!

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