2018 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Q&A + Tips & Tricks!

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Get in Line for the main sale here: http://bit.ly/2ELtcEI

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It’s almost time for the semi-annual Lilly Pulitzer sale, which is THE best time of year to score deals from Lilly Pulitzer! In order to make the most of your experience, read these tips and check out my advice video below! Let me know if you still have any questions, and I will do my best to answer them for you!

Click here to watch my advice on finding the best deals on Lilly Pulitzer clothing!

APS = After Party Sale:  One of the two semi-annual sales Lilly Pulitzer offers. It is the only time sale merchandise is offered on their websites since they do not regularly maintain a sale section (regular Lilly stores have sales all year round, but may not be as good).

How does the online sale work?
People are put in a virtual line when they first go to the site, and given a number. The “line” will “move” and you’re number will get closer to the front of the line. You can open multiple browser tabs or shop from multiple devices (phones, tablets, computers, laptops, etc.) and have multiple places in line. This is important because just because you put something in your cart, does not mean it won’t sell out. I recommend checking out multiple times to get the best chance on getting your items (your order could be cancelled, more on this later), but beware that once you checkout and complete your purchase, you’re sent to the back of the line. This is where having multiple devices/tabs aka places in line become beneficial!

What is the official day of the sale?
The 2018 winter sale will begin in stores and online January 3rd!

Is this sale happening in stores too?
Yes! Call your local stores, or stores across the country and they are more than happy to ship you items they have in stock. Just remember, they will have customers in stores AND over the phone (perhaps online as well, if they have a website), so try to know what you’re looking for ahead of time.

-If something you want is sold out on the Lilly site, try calling around to a few stores, they may still have it in stock!

What time does it start?
The sale always starts at 8 am EST online, or whenever your local store opens (which may be earlier on the sale day, call a few days or weeks in advance to check, because they may open early on the day of the sale and you don’t want to miss out!)

Which is better, APS prices online, or in stores?
Some stores have better sale prices, and if the online price is different (aka less), Lilly Pulitzer corporate stores (stores that are called “Lilly Pulitzer”, not stores that carry a few Lilly items) will price match so you get the better price!

What’s are markdowns like?
Generally 30-75% off retail!

Do you know any specific prices?
Last year dresses were around 59-89$
Elsas $69
Vests were $39-49
Scarves were $20-30
Popovers were $39-49
Palazzo Pants were $89
Purses and accessories were $12-39!

What’s Included?

Is luxlextic clothing included?
Last year it was, so it’s a good bet it will be again!

Are children’s clothing or baby shifts included too?
Yes! Prices are generally 1/2 retail for children’s & baby clothing!

Which prints will be included?
Anything up to and (rarely) including the present season. Think from last summer to current season (seeing which prints have been recently pulled from the website can give you a good idea too!)

Which specific items are included?
While no one knows for sure, it’s a safe bet that most recent Gift with Purchases (GWPs) will be included, as well as items that didn’t sell out when they were originally released. If you’re seeing prints or pieces from a few releases ago that are still fully stocked on the site, chances are pretty good they’ll be included in the sale!

Will ____ print be in the sale?!
No one knows for sure of course, but if you have a favorite Lilly store, call and ask them, they may be able to tell you if they have the print/item you’re looking for, and may be able to tell you what the sale price will be ahead of time!

How does the virtual line system work?
The computer system lines you up based upon who “shows up” (i.e. accesses the website) first! While this may seem annoying, it has really helped things run more smoothly in the past!

How do I get “in line”?
Simply access LillyPulitzer.com at 8am EST to be placed in line. If you attempt to access the site prior to 8am, it will have you wait and then automatically redirect you when the site goes live.

What if the item I want is sold out online?!
You can either a. head to your nearest Lilly store (I’d recommend calling ahead to ask them to set it aside for you, although not all stores will do this during the sales)
b. call Lilly’s customer service, they may be able to help you figure out a store that can ship it to you (but keep in mind they’ll be getting tons of calls during this time!).

Will pop up prints (like YGR) be available in the sale?
If they didn’t sell out, chances are good that they will be included in the sale!

Can I use a gift card during the APS?
Yes, I was able to use one last year! (Although I called customer service and had them process it)

If something doesn’t work for me, am I able to return it?
No, all sales are final. Lilly Pulitzer will not accept returns for items you don’t like, items that do not fit, etc. You can use resale pages to find trades! However, if an item arrives damaged, they have been known to accept a return or at least an exchange for equivalent value.

Lilly often has flash sales on FaceBook & Instagram so be sure to check those out as well throughout the day! Last year they had $20 mystery scarves and deals on dresses, etc.

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6pm.comzappos.com amazon.com, and saks.com have different deals, and they are often times better! They also typically mark down current season items that may not be in the corporate sale! You can shop the sale early here

How to Make the Sale Work for You!

  • Set up your LP account before hand! You can store your card info, address, etc. to save time when checking out at the sale!
  • Set priorities and hit each of those categories first! (Ex: popovers, shorts, dresses, accessories then tees and tanks last)
  • Once you check out, you’re put at the “end of the line”, which means you won’t be able to shop again just yet.
  • Do NOT refresh your page once you’re in line, you’ll lose your spot!
  • Use multiple browser windows and both the app and website to get in a few times if you’re really thirsting for some deals!
  • You can use the search function to narrow the selection to your size, so it only shows you things that in stock in the size you’re looking for! (See below!)


  • The site has a penchant for crashing, so just be patient! During the last sale in January, the site crashed so hard that even though I was in line rite at 8am and one of the first 5k people in line, I couldn’t access the site until almost noon due to technical issues. As the brand’s popularity grows, more and more people try to access all at once and some things can’t be helped.
  • Just because you add something to your cart doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to be yours, it may disappear which can be so disappointing!
  • Just because you buy it doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed, every year some people are disappointed because their orders are canceled, and it’s good to know going into it that it’s not unheard of.
  • You may never receive a shipping notification or tracking, your package will likely just show 1-8 business days after purchase, or up to three weeks later.
  • If you have specific questions about your local Lilly store, or a store near you that carries Lilly, call and ask them before the sale! They want your money and will help you out!
  • Shipping is usually quite quick, I live in Michigan and have almost always gotten my packages 2 days after the sale (shipped from KOP, Pennsylvania) BUT keep in mind that Lilly gets  more orders during this time than any other, so shipping times may be extended up to 6 weeks!
  • If you live near a Lilly store, try on different items to get an idea of the size you wear, especially if you’re going to try a style you don’t typically wear. While Lilly’s sizing does vary pretty widely, it has gotten more consistent lately, so what fits in stores should be applicable to the sale which will include the past couple of seasons.
  • Be kind to the store owners and Lilly’s customer service! They aren’t out to get you and they have no control over stock or cancelled orders. It may be really disappointing to miss out on something you’ve been wanting, but these are real human beings with real feelings who deserve respect, not a stranger’s rage.
  • Lilly does not ship internationally (yet).
You can see my sale video by clicking here, which will give you some more tips and tricks to make the most of the sale!

Let me know what you thought of these tips, and if you still have questions feel free to ask them below and I will answer! Good luck fellow Lilly lovers! <3

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