The Real Coconut Tulum at Sanará Resort Luxury Restaurants of the World

The 20 Very Best Restaurants in Tulum

Tulum is famous for its pristine beaches, peaceful, intentional way of life, and incredible food. Just about everywhere we went offered food made from locally sourced, organic ingredients that alone were amazing, but when skillfully combined in traditional Mayan recipes, or modern fusion dishes, were out of this world! We spent a good deal of time enjoying the local food and drinks, and so I’ve created this list of our favorite places that we ate at during our time in Tulum. I’ve linked my posts as the titles of the restaurants I’ve already written about, so be sure to check them out for more information like pricing, location, dress code, etc., and keep an eye out for the rest of these restaurant reviews in the coming weeks!

The 20 Best Places to Eat in Tulum

  1. Kin Toh
    This was one of our absolute favorite places we’ve ever eaten, simply because it was so unique. A part of Azulik resort, it sits within a treehouse structure, and it offers an incredible view of the jungle along the hotel zone of Tulum. We had reservations, and that made it much more convenient to get a great table near a window. This is the place that has the famous “birds nest” round table seating, but be aware that to sit their you and your party will have to spend at least $1,000 USD, which if you have a few other people with you shouldn’t be too difficult, plus it’s definitely worth it for the amazing views! *Reservations Recommended
  2. Matcha Mama 
    We ate at Matcha Mama no less than 4 times during our time in Tulum because it was so refreshing and delicious! There’s just something so charming about watching someone whip up a tasty vegan smoothie for you after a hot day under the sun, and enjoying it on a swing. We each filled ourselves for breakfast or lunch for around $12 USD, so it was really inexpensive, and everything is organic!
    Matcha Mama Tulum Smoothie Bowls Vegan Vegetarian Local Kombucha Raw Organic Tulum Mexico Restaurant with Swings
  3. Mezzanine
    A part of Mezzanine Hotel, and located right on the beach, this Thai restaurant (that offers local cuisine as well), is a unique gem on the beach of Tulum, and offers some of the best drinks in town!
  4. The Real Coconut
    I absolutely loved eating at The Real Coconut. Everything is grain, dairy, and added sugar-free, so you don’t have to feel guilty or overly-full. They had some of the freshest vegan foods in all of Tulum, and I could have eaten a dozen of their smoothies and a dozen of their ice cream cookies, pictured above. Everything was as fresh as could be, and the staff were extremely friendly and very happy to give us advice about the area. This restaurant is attached to the stunning Sanará hotel, and has one of the comfiest beach clubs (with a $50USD minimum consumption aka you have to spend at least $50 or pay $50 to use their beach) and is a great spot to relax and watch the waves come in while being served amazing food!
    The Real Coconut Tulum at Sanará Resort Luxury Restaurants of the World
  5. El Pez
    A fantastic spot for a quick, fresh breakfast or light lunch, El Pez offers the best eggs Benedict in all of Mexico, and lots of other great brunch options.
  6. Rosa Negra
    Rosa Negra is stunning restaurant that offers fresh seafood, and great foods made from local ingredients, plus they have a bar that can make just about any drink you can think of! The chill vibe of the restaurant once the sun goes down is a can’t-miss in Tulum’s hotel district, and I highly recommend checking it out!
    Luxury Restaurants of the World: Rosa Negra Tulum Riviera Maya Mexico Latin American Cuisine
  7. Gitano (reservations recommended) elderflower drinks are amazing! Great spot to have fun and meet new people. Our server at Nomade is friends with someone at Gitano and helped us get a table even though they were booked up for the week, which was amazing. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to get it!
  8. The Kitchen Table *Reservations Recommended
    Our dining experience at Kitchen Table was so special, it’s something I will remember forever. We were greeted by warm smiles and cold drinks, and they made us feel like family from the moment we came in the door. Everything is locally sourced and gathered fresh daily, and prepared by skilled chefs in a traditional way. The energy they use for the lights and music comes from solar power, and there is no other electricity in the restaurant, so they have a super small environmental footprint. Cooked food is made over a wood burning fire and imbued with the flavor and history of wood from the jungle. During our meal, we watched a powerful, beautiful thunderstorm play out over the jungle and sat at a table next to Gerard Butler (what a small world!). It was truly an unforgettable experience! (iPhone photo below)
  9. Coco
    Coco is one of the most instagrammable places in Tulum, when it isn’t crowded with tourists. Their fish is caught fresh daily, and the white washed decor with blue and turquoise accents is truly unique. It’s a beautiful spot to enjoy a drink and watch the waves roll in. Be sure to ask for a receipt here, because if you don’t they will tell you a price verbally with a 20% or so tip, and then try to get you to tip on top of this already inflated price.
    Tulum Beach Riviera Maya Caribbean Sea Mexico
  10. Posada Margherita
    When only Italian food will do, Posada Margherita is the place to go in Tulum!
  11. Hartwood
    Hartwood is one of the more expensive places to eat in Tulum, and for good reason. The most expereinced chefs skillfully craft local ingredients into delicious dishes for all dietary needs. We had to make our reservations 3 days in advance, so plan ahead if you want to eat here. They have great drinks, and it’s one of the most gorgeous spots in Tulum, which is really saying something, because all of Tulum is stunning!
    The Real Coconut Tulum at Sanará Resort Luxury Restaurants of the World
  12. Charly’s Vegan Tacos
    The best vegan tacos (even if you’re not vegan, they’re so flavorful you can’t skip this one!) in all of Tulum, enough said!
  13. Nomade Macondo
    This restaurant was one of the coolest in town in terms of decor, because the Moroccan vibe was so well done!
  14. Raw Love
    I left this restaurant with a new friend (shout out to you Roman!), and lots of hugs from the staff, which just goes to show how kind everyone who works here is! The food is unbelievably tasty, and so refreshing on a hot day. We loved the Açai bowls, turmeric drinks, vegan burger, and Sriracha salad, and it was so peaceful sitting under the leafy trees, in the shade, listening to the waves roll in, and people watching. If you’re looking for healthy, raw, organic, vegan food, look no further! They even have hammocks you can eat in!
    The Real Coconut Tulum at Sanará Resort Luxury Restaurants of the World
  15. La Zebra
    La Zebra Hotel and Restaurant was one of our favorite places to grab lunch. They offer more of an American style breakfast, but made from local ingredients making it the best of both worlds!
  16. Gitano
    Meaning “gypsy” in Spanish, this spot is popular with the locals and almost impossible to get into without a reservation. The drinks, food, and dancing are well worth the effort to get inside, and it’s one of the best places to meet people in Tulum!
  17. Del Cielo
    If fresh, local, and organic are words you look for when seeking out new restaurants, look no further than Del Cielo. This is a great spot to grab a quick lunch or nutritious and filling dinner.
    The Real Coconut Tulum at Sanará Resort Luxury Restaurants of the World
  18. Origami
    This quick and simple gelato stand was such a great way to cool down in the intense Caribbean heat, plus it’s very inexpensive, and organic!
  19. Casa Violeta
    Casa Violeta has such cute decor, and the food is incredible too. This is the best place to grab a pizza in Tulum, and they have lots of vegan and vegetarian options, in addition to freshly caught seafood.
  20. Casa Banana
    This place was always full of people laughing, enjoying their food, and even sometimes dancing, so we just had to check it out. Their Argentina inspired cuisine is out of this world and something you should definitely try while in Tulum!

Let me know which places you’ve tried in Tulum, and what we should try next time we’re in town. Thank you for reading!

Safe Travels!

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  1. Hi Annie! Stumbled upon your blog while doing research for our trip to Tulum in a few weeks. We’ve heard incredible things about the food in Tulum and have come across many rave reviews like the ones above, but do you know whether all of the hotels and restaurants in Tulum use filtered water? Is that how so many people have had such pleasant experiences eating fresh fruits and vegetables throughout Tulum? I don’t want to be too cautious and miss out on amazing food, but I also don’t want to end up like you did I’m central Mexico after eating a salad or strawberries. Would love your perspective!


    1. Hi Rachel! All of the restaurants I listed here use purified and distilled water for their ice cubes, so drinks are safe! Most resorts and restaurants in Tulum have fresh water brought in daily, and offer bottled water as well. You can ask and they will let you know! I know for sure the 20 places listed here are safe to eat and drink at, if nothing else. I hope you have a fabulous trip, you’re going to love Tulum!

      1. Amazing. Thanks so much!

  2. Christina H. says:

    Keeping this guide for the next time I visit!